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About Me

Lorraine is a specialist in sewing, fitting and pattern alteration for Conselle Institute of Image Management. She has been an avid sewer since age 6 when she started making hand sewn doll clothes. Her friends loved to play dolls with her as she had more clothes than anyone. At age 10 experience with a real sewing machine began through the 4H program. With 8 years of clothing construction through 4H and high school Home Ec. Classes, she had a firm foundation in all aspects of clothing construction.

With a B.S degree in Clothing and Textiles she has been a university instructor and has taught classes nationally and internationally at sewing related shows. Teaching newest method of pattern alteration and fit is her favorite thing to do. She is the creator of the Two Easy Measuring tape set with an instruction booklet which has been an aid for achieving a good fit for fashion sewers throughout the world. She has also written articles on pattern alteration for Sew News Magazine. With 40+ years of experience as a custom dressmaker/tailor and teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with you about sewing and fit.

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