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Measuring Made Easy with Tape Set

Wiggle Weights

Scissor Lanyard

Famore Safety Scissors

Fitting and Pattern Alteration Textbook

The Art of the Dart booklet

Grid Magic Booklet

40" Flex Curve

The Flex-Curve Cure For Correcting the Crotch Curve

Finger Pin Cushions

Alison's Hand Crocheted Scrubbies


01 Measuring Made Easy with Tape Set


This 42 page booklet will walk you through how to mark the body for measuring and the locations of all the measurements one needs for accurate fitting. The 0 on the Two Easy Tape is designed to make it easy to get front and back measurements separately. The Inseam Tape is slipped onto the 0 on the Two Easy Tape to get accurate front/back crotch lengths and inseam length at the same time. 

02 Wiggle Weights


These flexible weights can be positioned around curves as well as placed on straight edges for more accurate cutting. A pattern maker found that using long weights rather than spot weights or pins reduced cutting errors due to slippage of the fabric under the pattern while cutting. Come in a set of 5 – (1) 14” long, (1) 5” short and (3) 10” medium lengths. 

03 Scissor Lanyard


This stretchable Lanyard is perfect for keeping your small scissors close to you for clipping threads, trimming seams etc. Every dressmaker/tailor/quilter/embroider/knitter/crafter should have one! A true sanity saver from misplaced scissors! 

04 Famore Safety Scissors


The Perfect Companion for the Scissor Lanyard. The Famore Safety Scissors offer many great features such as, rounded tips to prevent pokes, airplane acceptable, and sharp blade for effortless cuts. $2 off when purchased with Lanyard

05 Fitting and Pattern Alteration Textbook


The most comprehensive textbook available showing the three different methods of pattern alteration for 88 different identified figure variations. 

06 Half Scale Practice Patterns

Half Scales are one half the size of a regular pattern. These are the learning tools made on heavier paper to practice alteration techniques before moving to a thin tissue paper pattern. They can be copied for personal use. 

07 The Art of the Dart booklet

Contains information on how to stitch a dart, the three different shapes of darts and where each could be used, how to add a dart to a dartless pattern and how to move a dart from one position to another.   

Contains  ($7.00)

08 Grid Magic booklet

How to simplify pattern alteration using a cardboard/cutting board with a printed grid. Information for skirts so one will never have an uneven hem line; information on pants in making length and width changes as well as changing crotch shape;  information on bodices in making length and width changes.   ($8.00)

09 40" Flex Curve

The best tool to use to find out your personal crotch shape for better fitting pants. ($27.00)

10 The Flex-Curve For Correcting the Crotch Curve

Complete instructions on using your personal body crotch shape to create better fitting pants.  ($8.00) $2 off with purchase of 40" Flex Curve ($6)

11 Finger Pin Cushions

Darling handmade ring pincushions so one always has a pin handy or a place to stick a pin when needed. Available in many colors to select from to match your wardrobe. Just give a color range of your choice. (Blues, Greens, pinks, etc.) ($16.00/2 for $30)

12 Alison's Hand Crocheted Scrubbies

These have been called "the cats' meow of scrubbies" by one customer who has made them before. Useful in applications for cleaning dishes, pans etc. to using as exfoliants in the bath/shower. They feel great rubbing them on the bottom of your feet. As good as a massage. Available in two sizes.  !Men love the large size. (sm. - approx. 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 In. ) $3.00 ea./2 for $5)     (large  - approx. 5x6)  $5 ea.)

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